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MP3 Audio Sample:

Langit Biru Kita (Our Blue Sky)

©Original Composition by John Ong & Mustang_jp

God Is Love

Servant Song

Wedding Song

One Voice

Sukiyaki (Pop/R&B)

Disclaimer: These songs are merely for you to get an idea of my voice type. I do not own the rights to broadcast these songs, therefore they are in small pieces. If you would like to own any of those songs, you would have to find them and buy them yourselves. I hereby declare that these tracks are online simply because it contains my voice and I do not intend to sell any of these songs. Only my voice. © All original compositions are copyrighted materials. Any form of usage must have written permission.

Voice Type: Lyric Baritone (Lower Tenor)

Vocal Background: Classically trained.

Vocal Style: Contemporary, R&B, Jazz, Musical, & Classical.

Experience: Catholic Church Weddings. Concerts. Social Functions.

Studio Recordings

Rate: Starting from $180 (Wedding Ceremony)

Please email for rate negotiations (wedding & other events)